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The way nature planned – A post from Tik Ochel.
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40min from Tel-Aviv

Both of us are in the car, outside a very wintry day and we are on the road to Zefat ,Afik say that it ”feels like Tuscany”, and it did : curves of the road are drowning in green on both sides of trees, flowers and many, many vineyards of the wine.

Countless directions led us to the old streets of Zefat And it felt like we were on a comedy movie when we found ourselves a few times arriving after many rounds to the same point..

We probably should have started the story like this:

On Karmiel- Zfat road you take the left turn to Zefat and than continue straight on the road (do not take the right turn to Zefat).
After a few minutes you will find yourself in “Dalton Industrial Park “There you’ll find a charming place called: “Adir Winery Visitor Center ”.
When we got there we met Yossi Rosenberg one of the owners of Adir winery.

Adir winery is a family winery that existed since in 2003
Their wines are produced from grapes grown in “Ben zimra vineyard”.

These vineyards were planted during the ’80s and ’90s in an elite part of the Upper Galilee and enjoy the best combination of quality land and weather conditions that make vintage wines: Cabernet, Shiraz, Mount Edmond, Port and “a” that will be launched soon – it is a bland ” of Cabernet Shiraz and Sauvignon (we recommend it), now combine it with milk, amazing goat cheese ( feta, Zefat cheese, sour cream, Tom, etc. ..) And ice cream that is so delicious also produced on Adir winery and you get a total experience: wine tasting combined plates of cheeses, meals and desserts all of them made by “Adir winery& milk”

“Wine is an experience and we believe that everyone should experience the taste” Yossi tells us and all we have left is to thank Mother Earth for all the good that she sends us and regret all the way down from Zefat to Karmiel that we have to leave “Tuscany”.

Adir Winery – Visitors Center: 046 991 039

Our recommendation to close a perfect wintry day: two candles, a bottle of good wine and cheese fondue: 250g cheddar cheese, 250g Tom cheese, garlic clove, ½ cup of dry white wine, 4 tablespoons of crushed almonds, 1 teaspoon of cornflower dissolved in one spoon of water.

How to make the fondue?
Heat the wine and garlic and add the cornflower with the water, scrape all the cheese and add them.

Make sure that you stirring constantly until everything is melted, Put it in a special fondue tool with a burner, sprinkle with crushed almonds and serve with cut vegetables or crackers.

Great post from the guys at Tik Ochel.