Plato is the flagship wine of the winery.

Produced solely in the years when the harvest reaches the utmost standards of excellence, grapes intended for this exceptional series undergo a stringent process of selection and production. Following harvest, clusters are hand selected to ensure that only the highest quality ones are chosen. After crushing, a 72-hour cold soaking and fermentation, the wine is then placed in French oak barrels where it is aged for 24 months.

These wines undergo an additional eight month aging period in bottles. The Plato series has received prestigious awards and international recognition. Plato tastes are sophisticated and multifaceted. It is a very robust wine, incorporating a perfect balance between a wide range of aromas and flavors.

The shades range from red to purple, dark blue and opaque. The wine has a rich bouquet with red and black fruits, slightly sour, certain minerals, black plum, red raspberry, new wood, mocha and coffee and firm tannins. The concentration of fruit combined with the sharp tannins from the wood and alcohol percentage promises a fitting return to the patient collectors.

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